Monster EF5 tornado near El Reno 2013


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Tornado Tour

A stormchasing tour is a travel in which you are guided on a severe weather intercept expedition by real storm chasers in the American Great Plains. After viewing supercells and tornadoes, any other kind of vacation seems boring! The atmosphere of the Great Plains can give you moments of pure adrenalin.

Chase Territory and logistics

The chase area covers Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Eastern Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Eastern Montana, Iowa, Estern Wyoming, Minnesota, Missouri and other Midwestern states.

Our Team has the most advanced equipment in stormchasing, from expensive software for tracking thunderstorms, to the software for interacting with XM WX Satellite Weather data, and obviously mobile internet.


The required age for participation is from 18 to 60 years.

Tornado Tour dot Net